Truck Moster 3


Take impossible routes and get the boxes to the trucks


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Truck Loader 3 is an addictive logic game where the main objective is to use a little robot to take boxes from the storage center to a transport truck. Although it's a simple idea, succeeding in this task depends on your ability and attention to detail. Sometimes you'll have to try several different maneuvers to make it work.

Level one of Truck Loader 3's 30 levels is a tutorial that shows you how to play: use the direction buttons to move your robot forwards or backwards, and left click and hold to activate your robot's magnetic claw. You can move the claw from side to side with the mouse in order to position it precisely.

The process is the same on each level: click to pick up a box and then take it to the truck. However, picking up the box is usually not so easy and getting it to the truck is much more difficult. Along the way, you'll find other buttons that open or close doors that lead to mazes, narrow hallways that are hard to get through, and other complicated obstacles.

Once you get to the truck, you'll have to put the box in the exact location that's been reserved for it. The first levels show you the problems you'll have to face. So, take a look around while you're playing and remember what you see since it may help you out on the next level. Truck Loader 3 is a fun brainteaser that will give you hours of challenging fun.
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